Falk, Benjamin J. (1853-1925) - Eugen Sandow (1867-1925).jpg“Eugen Sandow (April 2, 1867 – October 14, 1925), born Friedrich Wilhelm Müller, was a German pioneering bodybuilder known as the “father of modern bodybuilding”.”

Eugen Sandow

Bodybuilding has come a long way since the days of Eugen Sandow. It is thanks to this man that we have witness the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Louis Jude Ferrigno. Without Mr Sandow, chances are that there wouldn’t be the gyms that we see in almost every area of every city across the globe. Without Mr Sandow we would have never heard of Joe Weider or Gold’s Gym.

Evolution of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has been evolving ever since the late 1800s when a small group of men in central Europe organized competitions that didn’t involve lifting weights, running, or pulling a tree out of its roots. These competitions involved aesthetics and nothing else. All the weight lifting, running and pulling trees out if their roots had to be done prior to competing. Contestants were judged solely on their appearance and proportionality.

Over the years these competitions gained in popularity and as a result we enjoy mega events like Mr. Olympia today!

Tarnished Reputation

Bodybuilding went through some real muddy waters in the late seventies and through the 80s thanks to the introduction of anabolic steroids and other illegal and unsavory substances. Guys started trying anything to get the body they wanted, even if it meant risking death! A lot of this could probably be attributed to the competitions in that era where these substances were not banned even by professional organizations.

Guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger were quite open about steroid use. This basically meant that if the other guys were using it, and you weren’t, you were basically at an unfair disadvantage. So more often than not, even the “cleanest” guys chose to juice.

Then came the dangers that we all seem to know about steroid use. Kidney and liver problems, shrunken testicles, rage, short temper, breathlessness and the like were symptoms of steroid use. Medical research found these substances to be extremely dangerous in the most severe cases, and as a result, over time, all professional sporting organizations, including the bodybuilding ones banned steroid use. In theory, this probably meant that the sport was cleaning up its act. But in reality, certain individuals continued using steroids under the radar hoping to gain a competitive edge of the competition.

Thankfully science is bad ass, and it developed drug testing procedures that detected illegal substance use, and quite a number of people got caught and banned.

Bodybuilding Supplements

Ok, steroids became banned, and gym freaks began to focus on alternatives to help them get one over the competition. This is where health supplement manufacturers started licking their lips just seeing dollar signs. The 80s started seeing the emergence of new types of supplements that were specifically catered towards the meathead.

Protein Shakes

We saw the introduction of protein shakes for instance. Protein shakes were amazing in the sense that you could easily replace a meal by downing one of these shakes, without having to sacrifice vital nutrients.

Fat Burners

Then, along came fat burning supplements that both men and women to try shedding the extra weight that’s been lurking around for a while.


Although this stuff is a naturally occurring substance inside the body, the clever guy had a bright idea one day and wondered what creatine supplementation could do. And lone behold, the answer was quite astonishing. Gym workouts were easier that before, you could push more weight in a shorter period of time, and you didn’t have weight days on end for your body to recover before it gets hit again.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are a recent phenomenon. The banning of steroids naturally left a huge gap in the market. Then along came the natural testosterone booster. Yes, steroids involved pumping synthetic versions of testosterone into the body, natural testosterone boosters work by using certain ingredients which encourage the body to start making more of its own testosterone.

What’s The Purpose of This Site?

I am obviously a huge fan of Eugen Sandow, and in his honor, I have created this site to educate you guys on nutrition and supplementation.

But why? I hear you ask!

I have been “stung” over the years trying out this supplement and that supplement without ever really being satisfied. I worked it out the other day; I have spent $50 shy of $25,000! Yes, that’s just under 25 big ones. I went by what reviews said and I found that they were all full of crap. I hope you find my site useful and educational. All I ask is for you to bookmark me, and over the next few months you will witness some pretty interesting stuff.

Yours Truly

Neil Young